Beauty Treatments 

Here at Essential Beauty Skin & Laser, we are a one stop shop for all your beauty needs. Along side our Skin & Laser treatments, we also offer Nails, Waxing, Tanning, Lashes, Pedicures & Make Up.

We only use the best quality brands which include – Waxperts Wax, Yumi Lashes, Lyco Pedicure, Nsi Acrylic Nails, The Gel Bottle, Manicure Company, Perfect Match, Tru Gel & Vinylux Polishes. 

At Essential Beauty Skin & Laser we have created a salon for the client, where the highest level of service and hygiene are met. Using the best products and with a superior proficiency in hot wax, we will give you the best waxing experience available. Waxperts aim to give as pain free a wax as possible.

We are proud to say that we have a ‘no double dipping policy’. This means we do not redip the spatula back into the wax pot. So once it touches your skin it is disposed of. It eliminates any possibility of bacteria, hair or secretions being transferred back into the wax pot, and reapplied on to you or the next client. This ensures the safest and most hygienic treatment for you.

We offer Five different tannings brands to suit everyone.

  • Vita Liberata
  • Bronze Express
  • Luv Tan
  • Dripping Gold by So Sue
  • Bondi Sands

Correctly preparing for your spray tan means you will get longer lasting results from your tanning application while keeping that gorgeous, flawless result for up to 10 days. These tips will help you achieve just that!

Exfoliating your skin 24 hrs before the tanning application takes place means that you will have removed all dead skin cells which will help the lifetime out of your tan.

All waxing, shaving and exfoliation MUST be carried out 24 hrs beforehand, to ensure that your pores close prior to your tanning application.

You should moisturise your knees, elbows, knuckles and any other dry or rough skin you may have the day before.

Do not apply any moisturisers, deodorants or perfumes on the day of your spray tan. It is also best not to shower or bathe directly before the treatment, so best to leave a few hours between a wash and your spray tan.

We supply disposable underwear, or if you prefer an old dark pair of your own will do also. We will also supply a disposable hat for you to wear and if you have long hair you might just make sure to have a hair band to tie it up.

Once your tanning application is finished we find that it is handiest to have an old dressing gown ready to wear for awhile afterwards, but some old, dark loose clothing would be suitable also.

Do not allow your skin to get wet and avoid sweating at the gym or any other physical activity, washing hands, showers, baths and washing up!

Avoid wearing tight clothing and underwear including bra and socks.

Wait at least 8 hours before washing the excess tan off to reveal your gorgeous tan.

Do not touch your skin and avoid physical contact.

Avoid sitting on leathers, light coloured materials and soft furnishings as these can stain permanently. Always cover fabrics before sitting on them after your tan and bear in mind that bedding can stain also so don’t use your best sheets!

Avoid swimming as the chlorine strips the colour from your skin.

Shower instead of taking long baths.

Don’t rub down with your towel after washing pat your skin dry.

Avoid any waxing or shaving treatments for at least 2-3 days if you do.

Moisturise regularly as this will keep your skin hydrated, hence longer lifetime out of your tan and your tan will end up fading much better also.

Your spray tan can last up to 10 days if you follow these tan maintenance tips making it great value for money.

If you have any questions regarding spray tanning, just drop us an email or contact us on 042 9666 890

Yumi Lashes is a treatment that lifts, curls and tints your natural lash. It is the ideal treatment for anyone who wants to enhance their own eyelashes but doesn’t like the idea or the maintenance of eyelash extensions.

Price: €50

48 hour Patch Test is required

From Regular File & Polish to Acrylics we offer them all.

As well as looking after your hands we also treat the feet.

The Lyco’ Pedi Professional Pedicure System from Lycon is a carefully formulated series of treatments with the ideal combination of ingredients to provide the perfect pedicure. It uses hardworking natural vitamins and botanical extracts and is fortified with the intense hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid, Fruit AHAs and Shea Butter.

The Lycon Pedicure system also has the added benefit of marine collagen, Vitamin E antioxidant and Pro Vitamin B5 (Panthenol). Lyco’Pedi incudes premium synergistic blends which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimise radical damage and invigorate the skin’s appearance and feel. It delivers beautiful, completely rejuvenated feet.

The treatment takes one hour and is €50 per session.

We offer 1:1 Classic Eyelash Extensions to enhance your own Natural lashes using Tatti Lashes. We also offer 3D lashes for a more fuller look.

Patch Test Is Required.