Yon Ka Huile Delicieuse

With its thin and light texture, this oil from sesame, sunflower and baobab is quickly absorbed. It softens the skin, brings it glow and nourishes it deeply. Its delicate natural and relaxing scent invites the mind to escape on a journey to well-being.
Huile Delicieuse unique esters compound formula allows for its thinness, velvety and light feel.


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Yon Ka Huile Delicieuse

Yonka Huile Delicieuse

Yonka Huile Delicieuse is a delicate combination of sunflower, sesame and baobab oils. It subtly nourishes and enhances the skin and hair. With a bounty of beauty and sensory appeal.

Pro Tip:

Huile Delicieuse can also be used on damaged hair lengths and ends!


Product Expiry 12/21


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