YonKa Nutri+ Booster

This ultra-energetic oil nourishes and revitalises all skin types and ages that are weakened, whether dry or oily.

For who? – Sensations of discomfort, tautness – Peeling skin – Dull, tired skin – Weakened skin (sun, cold, treatments) – Dry skins The skin lights up, recovering its suppleness, tone, and vitality.



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YonKa Nutri+ Booster

YonKa Nutri+ Booster (formerly Yon-ka Serum) is a repairing, energy booster suitable for all types of skin, lacking in radiance or needing a pick me up.
A boost of pure energy for the skin, with fine, natural, ultra-energetic oils, Yonka Serum nourishes and regenerates all skins regardless of the skin type and leaves your complexion looking like its been lit from within.

How to use:
Apply morning and night after cleansing and spraying on Lotion PS and before your chosen Yonka Moisturiser.
Press into the skin to ensure ultimate absorption.

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